KLEEN Energy Combined-Cycle Power Plant

LOCATION: Middletown, Ct
GC/CUSTOMER: O&G Industries
CONTRACT AMOUNT: $58,100,000

KLEEN Energy is a 620MW 2x1 combined cycle Power Plant. It contains 2 combustion turbine generators (CTGs), 2 heat recovery steam (HRSGs) and a single steam turbine generator (STG).

This project required a massive amount of documentation and resource tracking, with Ducci manpower totaling over 300,000 hours.

Ducci’s scope of work included coordinating all drawing revisions, design database changes and updates, weekly commodity tracking, material certifications, schedule updates, and management of Ducci subcontractors including Instrumentation, Isophase, Lightning Protection, Fire Alarm, Controls and Heat Tracing. Ducci rebuilt both combustion turbines and steam turbine on site (furnished by others and under Siemens' direction) due to improper curing of outer winding resins during the manufacturing process, working collaboratively with Siemens to dismantle the turbines and reheat the resins on the coils to attain proper curing before reassembling them on site. Ducci also supported commissioning and testing companies for all system startups and testing, and the mechanical contractors for heat stress.

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