A successful and productive project means a safe project.

Leading the Way

Ducci has long been committed to creating safer work sites through our Raising the Bar program, a top-down, collaborative & proactive approach to safety that has become a model within the industry. While there is no acceptable safety-related incident or near miss, and the only acceptable goal is zero incidents, the results realized through our top-down program continue to drive us closer to that ultimate goal.

Culture of Safety

Ducci does not have a “Safety Division” – Safety cannot be treated as a box to be checked or a task deferred to a separate department.  It must be treated as an integral part of the process in everything we do – and woven into the very fabric of our corporate culture.

  • This culture must be ever-present in the mindset of every one of our employees in order to be effective, requiring unequivocal commitment from upper management and field supervision to lead by example.

  • Ducci’s Safety Committee, comprised of executive management and a rotating group of project managers and field supervisors, is continually and collaboratively analyzing and improving our existing program and procedures by reviewing every accident and near miss, incidents and trends throughout the industry, new products and technologies applicable to our work, and more.

  • Promoting this proactive culture we’ve found not only leads to fewer incidents, but better productivity and quality of installations, resulting in more positive morale for our crews and those we work alongside every day.

  • Through this culture, we tirelessly pursue our ultimate goal of zero incidents and sending everyone home in the same condition they showed up to work in every single day – or better than zero, where our employees go home from work better than they arrived – more educated, aware, and able to further influence positive behaviors.

Prevention Means Planning

Safety starts with awareness of one’s surroundings. Ducci knows that being in compliance does not necessarily mean you are safe, and there is no better first line of defense against potential hazards in the workplace than employee awareness. Accordingly, Ducci has long implemented mandatory pre-task planning and detailed job hazard analyses, created collaboratively between installers, foremen & our Safety Officers.

  • The inclusion of the installer in the planning process and discussion increases employee buy-in and, most importantly, trains installers to think proactively about safety in their day-to-day tasks, rather than simply following orders.

  • Employees are also urged to speak up and never proceed with work they may believe to be unsafe – if a hazard is realized that was not present on the PTP and JHA, then the work does not proceed until it is analyzed and incorporated.

  • For tasks that include elevated safety risks, such as confined space entries, Ducci has comprehensive self-imposed policies in place that require formal planning paperwork and sign-off by upper management before the task is allowed to proceed.

  • Ducci is also recognized by the Connecticut Department of Labor as a Safety Sensitive Contractor, which includes the implementation of a company-wide drug and alcohol screening program.

From Day One

First impressions send lasting messages. It is for this reason that Ducci starts with an emphasis on Safety from day one with our new hires, making clear communication of our Safety procedures and expectations a formal step in our hiring process, before ever setting foot in the field.

Ready to start your next project? 

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