Ducci’s services begin with pre-construction services and end with a successful project – and a satisfied customer. 


Ducci’s size and the resources we have available allow us to select project management and supervisory personnel that are well-suited for each project based on experience, project type, the customer’s needs, and the scope of the overall project. Further, Ducci’s robust administrative structure ensures the beginning of a construction phase goes smoothly and establishes Ducci as a model subcontractor and leader on each project.


Design / build means teamwork & problem solving. Ducci is well-accustomed to working with owners & design professionals at all stages of developing a well-defined scope of work to meet an owner’s objectives. Bringing our extensive experience with technically and logistically complex and fast-paced projects to the table, Ducci adds value to a design/build team by offering strategies and ideas that save owners money by identifying construction means and methods tailored to the project that ultimately help avoid costly inefficiencies during construction, smooth the flow of construction, and get the owner what they want – a functional and cost-effective solution that preserves the original design intent.


BIM / 3D modeling has transformed the industry and proved itself to be an invaluable tool in driving efficiency, avoiding errors, improving schedules, and lean construction methods at all stages on a job. This is precisely why Ducci performs and has performed all our own BIM modeling in-house since before most contractors ever considered the possibility.


There are no two ways about it… a successful job & work site means a safe work site. Ducci’s top-down structured approach to training, pre-task planning, job hazard analysis, and emphasis on awareness have made us an industry leader in safe work practices, solidly & consistently beating the OSHA averages for incident and lost work day rates. Learn more about our safety initiatives.

Ready to start your next project? 

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