Founded in 1949, Ducci Electrical is a third-generation, family-owned and run electrical construction company.

Humble beginnings

Ducci Electrical Contractors, Inc. was founded by E. John Ducci. After returning home from World War II as a Sargent and Electrician in the 925th HAM Ordnance of the US Army, he founded The Ducci Electric Company on July 1st of 1949. Originally operating out of the basement of his home in Torrington, CT, the company expanded to an adjacent storefront and focused primarily on appliance sale and repair, and local service work. His wife, Francis H. Ducci, managed the company’s finances and did so for over 35 years until their retirement.

The aftermath of the “Flood of 55” natural disaster brought with it an abundance of work and an influx of tradespeople to the area. This became a springboard for the company into more and larger electrical construction work. The company was incorporated as Ducci Electrical Contractors in 1956 and continued to grow as a small regional contractor through the sixties and seventies, primarily serving Northwest CT.

OUTWARD expansion

During the eighties and nineties, the company and its capabilities grew dramatically, expanding into more complex and technically demanding commercial, industrial, utility & healthcare work, while expanding its geographic territory throughout all of Connecticut and into Western Massachusetts and Upstate New York.

Since the Early 2000’s, the company has continued to grow and diversify dramatically, becoming an industry leader in performing the region’s most challenging and aggressively-paced projects, while earning a consistent place among the ENR top-75 Electrical Contractors in the Nation and, more importantly, our customers’ satisfaction and repeat business.

ready for the future

Ducci has always been and proudly remains a family-owned and run company. By virtue of staying true to our roots and not being beholden to any outside ownership interests, we remain flexible and ever-focused on the evolving needs of an industry that is constantly changing.

Our portfolio contains billions of dollars of work installed and spans some of the largest and most logistically, technically & architecturally complex projects in the Northeast, including major healthcare facilities, all facets of electrical railroad and bridge construction, casinos, data centers, power plants, high-end shopping malls, state of the art laboratory and education facilities, highway illumination & IMS systems, traffic signalization, green projects, historic renovations, and much more.

Core Values


Ducci performs among the most logistically demanding and technically complex electrical installations in the Northeast – including full-scale hospitals, casinos, conventions centers, malls, projects with demanding architectural aesthetic lighting, combined cycle power plants, high voltage railroad catenary, signalization & distribution, highway illumination, and many others. Establishing ourselves as the leading building & transportation electrical contractor in the region, Ducci has proved time and time again that we are able to staff even the most aggressively-scheduled and manpower-intensive projects while earning our stellar reputation for quality and safety from inspection authorities and customers alike.


Ducci knows a safe project is a successful project.

With a major commitment and direct involvement from executive management directing our safety program, Ducci has earned its reputation from both our customers and craft employees as a company that considers safety its top priority and treats its employees’ well-being with the highest regard.

Find out more about our safety standards here.


With our industry-leading experience in a wide range of complex electrical construction disciplines, Ducci plays a proactive and hands-on role in identifying and solving the problems inherent to complex and demanding projects before they become detrimental to their schedules.

Ducci plays a proactive role along with owners, GC/CMs, design teams, and other trades to formulate and employ effective solutions to help projects run leaner, smoother, and stay within budget.


Repeatedly ranked among the Top 300 Specialty Contractors and Top 75 Electrical Contractors Nationwide, Ducci understands that our tradition of impeccable performance and growth has only been made possible with a keen understanding of and attention to our customers’ needs, an unwavering commitment to Safety, a clear vision of the evolving landscape of the industry, and by attracting and retaining the most talented and dedicated employee team members available.

Ducci continually strives on all fronts to be a company that our customers are eager to partner with, and our employees are proud to work for.


With seven decades of valuable experience, Ducci is preferred by customers when it comes to performance and dependability.

Ducci is viewed as a valued asset to any project team, always coming to the table with the administrative staffing and manpower to meet and exceed even the largest and most aggressively-scheduled project’s demands, and consistently becoming a solution to a project’s unique challenges, and not part of the problem.


Executive Leadership

William M. Ducci – Chairman/CEO
Richard J. Ducci – President/CFO
Gary W. Chestone – Chief Operating Officer
John W. Ducci – Executive Vice President
Holly B. Mamuya – CONTROLLER & Corporate Secretary
THOMAS Carew – VP Construction & Safety
Chris Scanlon – Estimating Manager
Tom Merenda – Purchasing Manager

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